Meet the Team

Jay-Jay Ngwenya is a multi-gifted leader who shares his life as Father, Husband, Musician, Pastor, Company Director, Public Speaker, Life Coach, Relationship and Marriage Counsellor. He wears all these hats with such skill and balance which has helped him to be an outstanding Pastor and Father and husband. These areas have laid the foundation for him to impact many lives.  He is a graduate of the Medical University of Southern Africa and holds qualifications in Psychology, Human Resource Management and Information Technology. He is currently working towards a Masters Degree in Theology.



Buhe Ntaisi

Many people are dissatisfied with the current state of their lives and feel there could be more for them to accomplish. They are unhappy with what they have achieved or they may even feel they are missing the reason for their existence completely and need help in getting on the right track. Some people even feel trapped in the reality of the choices they made in their lives, careers and relationships and may even find themselves depressed without a way out.